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Asian Handicap

What is Asian handicap?

The Asian handicap is a form of bet where one team gets a virtual projection with respect to the other team. This can be a projection of 1/2 aim points, 1/4 aim points, 3/4 aim points, 1 aim point, 1 1/4 aim points, etc. When you bet using the Asian handicap, the possibility of a draw has been excluded. Only the home team or best finishing team can win the game.

If the game finishes in a draw, your bet, or half of it will be recovered. Here however an exception is possible, which we will return to later in this explanation.

In contrast to the ordinary “head-to-head” bet is the Asian handicap a much better bet mainly because of the fact that you recover your bet (or half of it, depending on of the type of handicap) if the result is a draw. With a head-to-head bet you would lose if you bet on something else then the effective result.

Moreover the Asian lines also offers much more excitement, since one only target point can be the difference between profit or loss. Generally, this raises the mathematical chances on a single bet of 33.3% (head-to-head bet) of winning, to 50%. (Asian handicap, depending on of the type of handicap)

The cumbersome aspect of the Asian handicap is calculating the possible disbursement. If you make use of our services we will do this for you. We will indicate which bookmaker is offering the most advantageous prices and on which type of Asian handicap you should make the bet.

Therefore it is essential you register with different bookmakers. Not all bookmakers offer Asian handicap bets. In the menu under bookmakers you can see which bookmakers offer Asian lines.

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Asian handicap table

The calculation table below allows the outcomes of the Asian handicap bet to be seen with respect to the different types of Asian handicap bet. The table shows bets, the possible results and the profit percentage for that particular bet. You can see that you recover half of your commitment or lose half of your commitment depending on the type of asian handicap (1/4, 3/4, 1 1/4).

In the case of a “straight handicap”, (0:0, 0:1, or 1:0) the result of the bet is a draw, then you recover your bet because at that moment there is a “no bet” situation. For 1/2-handicaps, a “no bet” situation does not exist. One of the teams always wins, irrespective of the definite final result.

HandicapTeam resultBet resultHandicapTeam resultBet result
DrawStake refundDrawStake refund
– 0.25WinWin+ 0.25WinWin
DrawHalf LoseDrawHalf Win
– 0.50WinWin+ 0.50WinWin
– 0.75Win by 2+Win+ 0.75WinWin
Win by 1Half WinDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Half Lose
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
– 1.00Win by 2+Win+ 1.00WinWin
Win by 1Stake refundDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Stake refund
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
– 1.25Win by 2+Win+ 1.25WinWin
Win by 1Half LoseDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Half Win
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
– 1.50Win by 2+Win+ 1.50WinWin
Win by 1LoseDrawWin
DrawLoseLose by 1Win
LoseLoseLose by 2+Lose
– 1.75Win by 3+Win+ 1.75WinWin
Win by 2Half WinDrawWin
Win by 1LoseLose by 1Win
DrawLoseLose by 2Half Lose
LoseLoseLose by 3+Lose
– 2.00Win by 3+Win+ 2.00WinWin
Win by 2Stake refundDrawWin
Win by 1LoseLose by 1Win
DrawLoseLose by 2Stake refund
LoseLoseLose by 3+Lose


An example of an Asian Bet

Let’s take the match Real Madrid – FC Barcelona as an example. FC Barcelona plays an away game in Madrid against Real Madrid. An Asian Handicap bet for this game which will be offered by the bookmakers is Real Madrid +1. This means Real Madrid starts the match with a virtual lead of one goal so at the time of kickoff Real Madrid leads the game with 1-0.

Now with the upper table in mind we can figure out what this Asian Handicap bet of Real Madrid +1 does in the case of some end results.

Match resultAsian HandicapMatch result w/ AHBet result
  0 – 0  1 – 0       1 – 0+100%
  0 – 1  1 – 0       1 – 1Stake refund
  0 – 2  1 – 0       1 – 2-100%
  0 – 3  1 – 0       1 – 3-100%
  1 – 0  1 – 0       2 – 0+100%
  1 – 1  1 – 0       2 – 1+100%
  1 – 2  1 – 0       2 – 2Stake refund
  1 – 3  1 – 0       2 – 3-100%
  2 – 0  1 – 0       3 – 0+100%
  2 – 1  1 – 0       3 – 1+100%
  2 – 2  1 – 0       3 – 2+100%
  2 – 3  1 – 0       3 – 3Stake refund

When you close this Asian Handicap bet Real Madrid +1, you assume Real Madrid either wins the match, plays a draw or loses the match with only one goal in difference.

There are twelve possible results in the above table and there are only three results (25%) in which case you would loose your Asian Handicap Bet, that is 0-2 , 0-3 en 1-3.

The other nine results (75%) will let you win your bet or will give you a “no bet” situation. In case of a “no bet” situation you would still get your stake back.

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