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Football matches are becoming increasingly unpredictable. Most of the big teams, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City and Bayern Munich, have looked beatable this season. This is a good news for smart punters, as the situation offers an opportunity to exploit a change in trend.

However, it is not time to show any mindless daredevilry on the betting front. You need to have access to insightful analysis and sound soccer logic. That is where football match previews and betting supertips come up.

Each and every preview will be unique. Read as many previews as you can. But do not just make your decision based on a single review alone – however plausible it may sound.

Free Betting Tips

The most contradictory of all free betting tips would be this: never trust them entirely. Yes. You read it correctly. In fact, one should not trust any betting information absolutely. Read it, think over it, apply your own logic and then make a decision. After all, it is your money. You win it and you lose it.

This is not to undermine free information and/or free tips. The tips are great resources for information and motivation. Newbie punters gain a lot from the free tips. Online betting tips, free or otherwise, help add certain perspectives to the thought process of a punter. But they should not be followed blindly.

Now that we are clear on the status of free betting tips and predictions, here are some ideas to use them effectively.

Get your info from authentic sources

Authenticity is the key word about dealing with free tips. For example, if you are looking for free tips for football betting about the outcome of a football match, check out an authentic and well-known football news website, preferably from a veteran football correspondent. Their predictions tend to be consistently more accurate than a fancy-looking prediction on an obscure fan website.

Look out for last minute special odds

Bookmakers tend to offer last minute special odds. There are a number of reasons for giving away such offers, ranging from a lack of initial punter interest to some late information or analysis. Always check out the frequent sources, especially on social media, of such last minute special odds.

Focus on odds, not on match results

Free football tips are a great source to find matches available with the best betting odds. They faithfully compile and list the odds. However, they may not be as accurate about the match prediction. You have to analyse and figure out a possible match outcome by yourself.

Perhaps the most prominent of all tips is this: Luck plays a big role in betting. You can be a novice punter, putting your money blindly on a random team. Still, you could win big once, or may be even twice. However, such luck is not sustainable. Lady Luck has her own VAR reviews!

To win the bets consistently, you need to have a plan. If you know your football, it’s great. Even if you don’t know much about football, it is not a big deal. But you must understand football before you start betting.

Here are some useful tips, especially for beginners.

Get the best odds

Do compare odds. Odds for a single match vary across sportsbooks – mostly mildly, but sometimes massively. Place your bet on the best odds available.
Signing up on a betting platform is an easy job. Many companies offer sign-up bonuses. Some even allow you to bet without making any deposits. Make the most of such offers. But always choose the best odds for any given match.

Leave your favourites at home

Never let your emotions come in the way of betting. The focus must be on making money, not on the joy of your favourite team winning. You could be a die-hard Liverpool fan. However, the relegation battle between Watford and Aston Villa could be much more interesting in a betting point of view, where all three results have attractive odds.

Inplay betting

It is the most exciting form of football betting. It takes live football watching to the next level. A lot of matches these days are witnessing decisive goals in the last 15 minutes or so. Inplay betting will be fun. It is difficult to give a clear and successful strategy through a few inplay football betting tips.

Back your instinct and reading of the game. But do not go overboard. Don’t put too much amount in inplay betting initially. Go slowly. Learn the ropes. Raise your wager slowly once you gain experience.