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The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the world, but only temporarily. Sports betting in the traditional sense was stopped for the time being, because almost all sporting events were either canceled or postponed.

But online betting of esports is reportedly thriving. Anyways, sports betting is back and new sports events and competitions start to take place again. With these new betting opportunities, the best thing for betting enthusiasts is to find out new offers and new avenues.

Here is a quick roundup of signup offers that best bookmakers normally offers.

Online Bookmakers Sign Up Offers

Most online bookies offer freebets and sign up bonuses for their new customers. First, let us check what a freebet is. A free bet is a bonus bet that the bookmakers offer you when you sign up for them the first time.

To get a free bet, you have to first deposit the amount which the online gaming companies prescribe to your newly-joined account. Then you will get a bet at free of cost. The bet is said to be free in the sense that even if you lost in the bet, the bookmaker will give back you the amount or a part of the stake. Thus, it is a risk-free bet and has become the favourite among the punters.

Now we can check the other sign up bonuses provided by bookies. The most common type of welcome bonus is a matched bonus bet. For such a bonus, you have to first open an account with the bookmaker and make your first bet. Then the bookmaker will match the amount of your first bet and give back double the stake of the original bet. Usually, this kind of bonus has a limit on the maximum and minimum amount that you can bet.

Other bookmakers’ sign up offers are initial deposit bonus and winning first bet bonus. In an initial deposit bonus, the bookmaker will offer a bonus on top of your initial deposit. In a winning first bet bonus, you will get a bonus if win your first bet.

Best Bookmakers Sign Up Offers

Now let us check some of the best sign up offers provided by the leading bookmakers in the UK.

William Hill

William Hill is one of the UK bookmakers which provide sports welcome offer, as well as a freebet offer, for its new-joiners. The sports welcome offer provides a 100% bonus on your initial deposit. There will be a limit on the minimum and maximum deposit amounts for gaining the bonus.

The great thing about William Hill is that they let you work out your potential winnings with the infamous William Hill betting calculator.


888sport, another leading bookmaker in the UK, also offers freebets for its new customers and the offer is very popular among the punters.


Another famous bookmaker Unibet is giving a money-back offer for its new customers. Even if you lose in your first bet, the company will give back up to £40 as a bonus.

Sign up bonus offers are beneficial to both punters and bookmakers. Punters get the incentive for opening an account and the bookmakers get new customers. Sign up offer is a deciding factor for punters who are looking for new bookies.

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