What Is an Accumulator Bet?

What Is An Accumulator Bet

An accumulator bet is easy to make, but hard to get. It is both exciting and frustrating at the same time. All bookmakers offer them – for almost all sports. But football is the preferred game for the so-called acca bet.

In simple terms, an accumulator bet is a combination of more than one bets, with two main conditions:
1. The overall odds will be the multiplication product of all the chosen odds.
2. Punters can gain return only if all the results go in their favor.

How does an accumulator bet work?

Consider this example. There are four football matches happening. You are choosing all four football matches of the day for your acca bet. You need to pick the winner for each of the four matches. Let us say, the odds you have chosen are 1.25, 1.5, 2 and 1.75.

The overall odds will be 1.25 X 1.5 X 1.75 X 2 = 6.5625. To calculate your return, multiply the overall odds with your deposit. Suppose you are putting £100, you will get £656.25 back – provided all the four teams you backed have won.

So, in an accumulator bet, the winning amount is much higher when compared with a normal bet. But remember: If one of your four teams fails to win, you will lose your original £100.

Types of accumulator bets

There are different types of accumulator bets available to bettors. Often they are marked by the number of selections the punter is choosing. You can find acca bets starting from double and treble and then extending to four-fold, five-fold, six-fold and so on.

More the number of selections you pick, the more the chances of gaining a big returns – but higher also will be the chances of losing the original deposit. The limit on the number of selections depends on individual bookmaker’s policy. Usually, the highest limit includes a 15-fold bet; however, some betting sites will not allow more than 10 selections on the same bet slip.

It is good or bad?

It depends. If you can get the results correct on multiple bets, it is good for you – even great. But remember: it takes just one wrong result to lose the accumulator bet. Perhaps, betting a small amount on four- or five-fold accumulator bets could be a good option. You can limit the damage, in case one of the results goes wrong. You can strike big if it is your day.

If you enjoy researching sportsbooks, you can find them on your own. For every one else, there is bet accumulator calculator. It is a tool that helps punters locate and manage acca bets. These are handy tools. If you choose the right accumulator bet calculator, you could win big.

Advantages of accumulator bets

An advantage of acca bet is that the impact of void bets is minimum. Suppose, you place a four-fold football bet, win the first three selections and the final game is canceled due to some reasons. Then four-fold acca becomes three-fold acca, removing the canceled game from the fray.

Another advantage is acca insurance. The insurance refunds your stake where just one selection of the bet has failed. However, acca insurance has a minimum requirement on the number of selections. The insurance and money back will apply only if the acca contains a certain minimum number of selections, for instance, four, five or sometimes six. It varies from one betting house to another.

For example bookmaker Betfair offers the Betfair acca edge. When you choose to edge your acca you will get lower odds. However, you get your stake back in cash if one leg lets you down!

Finally, many bookmakers offer bonuses on winning accumulators. This is known as acca bonus. The concept of acca bonus is: the more selections you include in your accumulator, the more your bookie will add on in bonus funds.

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