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Want to work out your potential winnings? With the William Hill easy-to-use online betting calculator, you can check your potential winnings – depending on odds, stake and bet type. Simply enter the details and the betting calculator will predict your earnings and show your anticipated profit.

You can use this odds calculator by William Hill for all types of bet on offer online at William Hill, including each-way bets! Different odds formats are used. Fractional is the most common format you will see odds in the UK, and shows you the profit excluding your stake.

Decimal prices are commonly used throughout Europe and Asia and show your total return including your stake. American prices show your return in relation to a unit stake of 100 and do not include your stake.

How to change to decimal

Do you want to change the odds display from fraction to decimal or vice versa? You do this by going to “Odds Format” on the William Hill homepage. In the subview you select your desired option.

Change to decimal

How to use the William Hill Bet Calculator?

First, you should select the type of bet you want. This could be a simple ‘win bet’: where you choose and back a winner in one event. If you place several win bets for different events, this is called ‘multiple bets’.

You can substantially increase your winnings by placing single, double, or triple win bets across several events. But remember a payout requires all your predictions to come in, e.g. a double needs two correct predictions to secure a win.

Betting on four or more events is called an accumulator. Correct predictions on this scale can earn larger payouts from smaller stakes.

Once you understand win bets, you could explore full cover bets. The advantage here is you can win a payout even if some of your predictions weren’t correct. These are bets such as ‘Trixie’ or ‘Yankee’ bets.

You will know betting odds can be displayed in different formats. And if you’re a novice, it’s worth taking the time to understand odds shown in different formats.

However, you can also use the odds converter to see all quoted odds in your preferred format.

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